THDL Tree Map Analyzer of Land Deeds
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陳詩沛。 (2010)。 THDL臺灣總督府抄錄契書地區分析。 國立臺灣大學數位人文研究中心。 檢自:
Shi-Pei Chen. 2010. THDL Tree Map Analyzer of Land Deeds. Research Center for Digital Humanities, NTU. (Publication no. doi:10.6681/NTURCDH.DB_THDL/SERVICE/treemap).
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本工具以階層圖形式提供使用者分析並觀察THDL臺灣總督府抄錄契書分布情形。階層圖中外層的區塊為「堡」,內層的區塊為「庄」,區塊越大的堡、庄代表隸屬於此區域範圍的契書數量越多,並同時呈現「庄隸屬於堡」的階層關係。使用者必須選擇階層圖分析方式(堡/庄,堡/契書類型,契書類型/堡),始可進行查詢。也可輸入欲查詢之關鍵字詞,或點選契書類型,或填寫年代範圍,以縮小搜尋結果。本工具採用THDL《古契約文書》文獻集收錄的《臺灣總督府檔案抄錄契約文書》,其中具有「堡庄資訊」的 12,473件契書。

This tool provides users with tree map charts to visualize the distribution of land deeds from the “Taiwan Governors Archive for Transcribed Contract Documents” subcollection of THDL (12,473 land deeds). The outer blocks of the charts represent “township” and the inner blocks represent “village”. The size of the block indicates the number of the documents in the corresponding townships and villages; the large the block the more the deeds. The hierarchical relationships of “villages-township” can also be observed.The User needs to choose an analysis mode for the tree map chart (township/village, township/village contract types, contract types/township) before issuing a query. Search results can be further refined by either choosing contract types or filling in year ranges.

陳詩沛(Shi-Pei Chen)
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國立臺灣大學數位人文研究中心(Research Center for Digital Humanities, NTU)
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The metadata record was deposited by Research Center for Degital Humanities,National Taiwan University.