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DOI error reporting

The DOI link should be able to point to the location of the object. When a link error is found, please confirm the followings first:
Is the DOI name entered correctly? It is recommended that you use the copy-and-paste function while entering the DOI name.
Is the DOI name based on speculation? Although the publisher may assign according to fixed rules, the string based on speculation may
     not necessarily have a corresponding object.
If the problem persists, the possible causes are as follows:
The DOI name has not been registered. This may be a mistake in the registration process, or the registrant failed to complete the
     registration before publication. If it is the latter, usually the link shall return to normal within a few days.
DOI name reference error
DOI resolution system error
l If you encounter an error message while using the DOI link, please provide relevant information here, we shall coordinate the relevant units to handle the problem. It is very important for us to maintain the DOI name for permanent connection. Thank you for your feedback!

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