Membership Plans
Airiti DOI provides DOI registration services for the following types of documents: journal articles, conference proceedings, degree theses, books, data sets, etc. The following is a description of DOI membership registration fees for journal articles and books:

Journal Articles

Annual Fee DOIs included each year Registration fee per unit for exceeding DOIs
NT$ 15,000 25 DOIs included NT$ 200
※ Special discount for the partner with Airiti, please connect us for more information.
※ Each journal will get a prefixes and charge the fee every year.
※ The annual fee includes the count of DOI registrations, which should be used up within the contract period.


Registration Quantity Annual Fee (NT$) Individual DOI Registration + Landing Page DOI + Landing page
~49 10,000 600 1,800
50~99 20,000 300 1,500
100~299 45,000 225 1,425
300~499 60,000 180 1,380
500~1,000 100,000 150 1,350
※ The registration of book DOIs is charged according to a tiered pricing system. Please refer to the corresponding annual fee and registration costs based on the desired number of registrations. If the number of DOI registrations exceeds the included number for that annual fee, please consider upgrading to the next tier for purchasing additional registrations.
※ Registering over 1,000 DOIs or partner with Airiti enjoys exclusive benefits. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for inquiries.
※ Additional DOI registrations can only be purchased after paying the annual fee.
※ Once a tier of annual fee has been chosen, it cannot be downgraded within 5 years.
※ Visit our DOI-Landing page service for more information. Click to see demo page 1, demo page 2 , and demo page 3.
For other types of DOI registration services and plans, please contact Airiti DOI.